One thought on “PHS Named a Finalist in “Soak It Up!” Design Competition

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on such a marvelous smart concept!!!!!!!!! I have always been a fresh water advocate for conserving water of any kind. Like Helium, it is a natural element from the earth and it will RUN OUT if we do not DO something about it. There are no secrets wells under the surface holding billions of gallons of fresh water. It comes from the skies, has to travel through our atmosphere( our air quality ) then land on the earth most into snow then melting that needs to travel & transverse down clean soil to the creeks streams and into our rivers and then to the oceans. Stop or at least try and stop abusing such an important natural recourse… Please. And if there s any chance at all that the PHS has a water conservation program or help sites for us city dwellers who want to save water any help offered ??????? Because I know a lot of folks in the Marion Anderson area that would love to do our share.

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