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Photo Credit: Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

Cloud Garden from the Singapore Garden Festival featured at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

By: Jamie McFadden

The neon zelkova trees at the PHS Pop Up Garden are not the only influence from the 2014 PHS Flower Show:

  • PHS President Drew Becher is being hosted by the Singapore Garden Festival to judge the 2014 Gardens by the Bay! The Singapore Garden Festival is a bi-annual event and draws visitors all from all over the Pacific. Drew traveled via Qatar Airways out of Philadelphia to bring the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show global! Joining Drew as Flower Show ambassadors are Miniature Setting designers Louise Krasniewicz, Deb Mackie and Nancy Grube, Major Exhibitors Michael Petrie and Joe Palimeno and International Designers James Basson and Andy Sturgeon. Drew will also be connecting with Jim Fogarty, a designer from Australia, who will be featured at the 2015 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.
    Joe Palimeno's exhibit at the 2015 Singapore Garden Festival.  Photo Credit: Ledden Palimeno Landscaping  Co.

    Joe Palimeno’s exhibit at the 2015 Singapore Garden Festival.
    Photo Credit: Ledden Palimeno Landscaping Co.

    Congratulations are in order for Michael Petrie! Petrie, a Best in Show Winner at the PHS FS, won Fantasy Garden Gold and Best of Show award for his exhibit titled Back to the Wild. Also, Joe Palimeno won silver for his landscape design. Thanks for creating such inspiring, beautiful work! Now, get back to Philadelphia so we can finish working on the 2015 Flower Show!

    Back to the Wild by Michael Petrie Photo Credit: Singapore Garden Festival

    Back to the Wild by Michael Petrie
    Photo Credit: Singapore Garden Festival

  • Speaking of the 2015 Flower Show… Sam Lemheney, Chief of Shows and Events is working on early renderings of the 2015 Entrance Garden. Wow! This year’s presentation will be unlike anything previously experienced at the Show.
    A sneak peek of the 2015 Entrance Garden!

    A sneak peek of the 2015 Entrance Garden!

  • Have we mentioned that tickets for the 2015 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show are on sale now? For ticket information click HERE.

In other Flower Show News:

  • Delaware University students from the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources repurposed their 2014 Flower Show exhibit to restore a wetland reservation.

    Bruck said that one of the aims of the Philadelphia Flower show project is to make the entire exhibit more sustainable. “One way to do that is to make sure the plants from the exhibit go to a good home,” said Bruck. “We focused our exhibit this year on native riparian buffer plants. These plants were perfect for the wetland restoration project.”

    So next time you visit the Flower Show and are wondering what’s being done with all the exhibits, rest assured that PHS and our exhibitors work tireless to practice sustainability. To learn more about the Delaware University students’ restoration project click here.

  • The 2014 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is featured in a new program titled Tapping In airing this Sunday (8/17) on the CW at 5pm. Join Linda Swain as she showcases some of the biggest events in this city of brotherly love! The Flower Show draws a quarter of a million to see how happiness blooms in the dead of winter.

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Rolling Stones: EP Henry ROCKS The Flower Show

EP Henry picThere are so many people who contribute to the success of The Flower Show. From sponsors and partners to volunteers and special guests, it truly takes a village to raise our big, beautiful, blooming Show. Today, we’re spotlighting one sponsor who really rocks—literally.

For years, EP Henry has provided all the landscape stones for The Flower Show, which is no small job. This year alone, 24 exhibits feature materials from EP Henry, including the pits from which BANDALOOP rises for their dynamic performances!

You can also see EP Henry stones and landscaping materials in the Horticourt and at the entrance to the Show for our “Art in Bloom” exhibit. And don’t miss EP Henry’s own exhibit—their twelfth foray onto the floor of the Flower Show.  “The Art of Outdoor Living,” designed by Joe Palimeno of Ledden Palimeno, features gorgeous items from their fabulous new eco line.

We always marvel at the sheer volume of materials that it takes to build exhibits each year. Here’s a breakdown of some staggering stats about the rocks and stones at this year’s Flower Show:

  • It took 14 trucks to bring in all the materials this year.
  • The combined weight of all the materials on those trucks? Nearly 128,000 pounds!
  • The haul included approximately 75 cubes of paver products.
  • For PHS’s exhibit, EP Henry mixed special colors for the featured stones.
  • EP Henry, who strives to inspire landscapers, delivered 9,720 pamphlets with exciting ideas and tips for horticulturalists of all levels.

Click here to purchase tickets to The Flower Show and see how EP Henry can really rock you.

The Snow Is Outside, But A Special Ticket Sale Is Blooming Inside!

Entrance6 It’s only snowy on the outside–enjoy spring, flowers, and a rainbow of color inside at the Flower Show! The Show will remain open regardless of what Mother Nature brings, and to celebrate spring we have a one day special price ticket of $20.00 that will only be offered until 11:59 pm Monday night. This special Snow Ticket can be used for any day of the week and does not need to be redeemed on Monday–join us any day now through Sunday.

We don’t want you to miss the acres of flowers, blooming trees, graceful water features–all the sights, sounds, and scents that will make winter’s chill melt away from you. Take advantage of our special snow sale now by clicking here and be a part of the celebration! Remember, the #FlowerShow is #OPENinPHL.

Go Green in Love! The Best Horticultural Sites to See in Ireland


The wedding of the season is upon us! Just ask Roxanne Wilson and Frank Kennedy, who won PHS’s and Philadelphia Wedding’s Greatest Groom contest. They’re getting an all-expenses-paid experience on Wedding Wednesday at the Philadelphia Flower Show. And what’s the only way to complete a free, florally festive wedding? Obviously with an all-expenses-paid honeymoon to the Emerald Isle, courtesy of our friends at Tourism Ireland.

A jagged and beautiful coast, endless rolling hills of green, heavy rains followed by a brilliant blue sky—this is what comes to mind when thinking of Ireland. This is exactly what you’ll find on the 2,500-kilometer coastal drive along the Wild Atlantic Way. From Donegal in the north all the way down to Cork in the very south, you can see the unspoiled, untamed beauty of Ireland, as well as some of the world’s most beautiful gardens. Below you’ll find the stops you really can’t miss. (And we hope Roxanne and Frank visit some of these sites on their honeymoon, too!)

The Best Horticultural Sites to See Along the Wild Atlantic Way

Burren1. “Europe’s Largest Rock Garden”
The rugged area of Burren is actually abundant with Ireland’s most beautiful and rare flora and fauna. It is also the site of Burren National Park.
2. Garnish Island Gardens
From carefully crafted secret gardens to nature’s untamed beauty, this Irish Island has something for every horticulture buff.
muckross3. Muckross House
This beautiful, Tudor-style mansion is known for its breathtaking gardens. It was the starting point for the Republic of Ireland’s first National Park (now Killarney National Park).

See more of the Wild Atlantic Way and plan your trip here and learn more about Tourism Ireland here.

Only Four More Days! So Much to Learn in So Many Ways

Horticourt (8)The Pennsylvania Convention Center is springing to life with blooming plants, graceful trees, and beautiful water features! Two familiar sights on the Show floor are the Gardener’s Studio and the Designer’s Studio, joined this year by the Garden to Table Studio (formerly on the Grand Concourse). Each venue has an exciting line up of presentations, sure to not only entertain and educate, but also enhance your overall experience. As an added bonus, you can sit down and give your feet a rest!

If there’s a gardening topic you’re interested in, there’s probably a speaker for you. The Gardener’s Studio, sponsored by Subaru, hosts programs throughout the day. We’re looking forward to seeing Jill Bauer from QVC, who will get kids excited about gardening by making fun family projects like DIY birdfeeders, hand-painted garden markers, and homemade IMG_0065strawberry jam. Tovah Martin will makeover your image of houseplants forever. Given a swank facelift, some chic terracotta, or planted in a mini indoor garden—your peperomia will never be the same. And Mark Shaw, from Bartlett Tree Experts, will encourage you to beautify your landscape by focusing on highly ornamental flowering trees of different sizes suitable for urban and suburban landscapes.

Back by popular request at the Gardener’s Studio, the “Container Garden Challenge” is a friendly competition where three designers take the stage at the same time, creating a container planting from a single table of plants. Upon completion, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite finished container through a show of hands or applause. No prizes–just for fun!

Each year the Designer’s Studio invites the nation’s best floral designers to show their stuff live on stage. Be inspired by the artistic process as assorted materials are assembled into art before your eyes. The DS1Designer’s Studio also hosts head-to-head competitions among design professionals and amateur contestants throughout the week. These live face-offs provide the drama and suspense of a reality TV show and you, the Flower Show visitor, vote to determine the winner. The shows are high energy, inspirational, and always exciting.

In 2013, Organic Gardening editor-in-chief Ethne Clarke, along with other members of the magazine’s editorial staff,  welcomed world-renowned chefs to the Garden to Table Studio, including Daniel Stern, chef and owner of Philadelphia’s famed R2L and MidAtlantic restaurants, and Edward Lee, Organic Gardening’s Simply Fresh Contributing Chef, acclaimed chef at Louisville’s 610 Magnolia, “Iron Chef America” competitor, and James Beard finalist for Best Chef. This year’s roster promises to be just as impressive, as presenters create their dishes in a true chef’s kitchen on the Flower Show floor.

Be sure to download the Flower Show app on your desktop or mobile device, and you’ll have the complete schedules for all three studios at your fingertips. You’re going to learn something new at the Show, and have a great time doing it!