Find That Tree!

My most recent Tree of the Month posting was about the Kentucky coffeetree, and I received a comment from someone who thought she spotted a few in West Philly. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use our newest amazing tool, the PhillyTreeMap.

Previously described in this post, the PhillyTreeMap is an amazing, easy-to-use web application that will assist communities with the inventory and maintenance of urban forests. But, as it turns out, not one Kentucky coffeetree is listed on the PhillyTreeMap!

The gauntlet has been laid down. Whoever is the first to find a Kentucky coffeetree and correctly enter it into the PhillyTreeMap will be immortalized on the PHS blog and will also receive a free Tree Tenders shirt. Are you up for the challenge? Send an email to if you are the super sleuth who tracks down the coffeetree.

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