Volunteer Spotlight: Mia Mengucci

More than a few PHS staff members claim Mia Mengucci as one of their “star” volunteers. Mia has her hand in a bit of everything at PHS, from the Flower Show to Tree Tenders to the Gold Medal Plant Award program.

A Pennsylvania-certified horticulturist, Mia began her career working in greenhouses as a teenager. She then moved on to gardening for private clients and working in garden centers. She currently works at Primex in Glenside, PA.

Mia became involved with PHS during her application to join the Pa. Landscape & Nursery Association. Part of her training included a volunteer stint at the PHS Gold Medal Plant Award booth at the Flower Show about 10 years ago. “I was the volunteer who wouldn’t go away,” she laughs. Since then Mia has returned every year to help at the Show, as well as to talk about Gold Medal plants at other events.

“The Flower Show kicks off the gardening season for me,” says Mia. “It’s like reunion week; it’s a lot of fun. But I also take very seriously my role as a PHS representative.”

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about gardening, Mia is a graduate of the PHS Tree Tenders and Green City Teachers training programs. For the past eight years, she has been active with the West Mount Airy Tree Tenders group and leads a local Girl Scout troop in planting trees. She serves on the Tree Tenders Advisory Committee, gives lectures at the Gardener’s Studio at the Flower Show and for the PHS Gardening Series workshops, and volunteers at the PHS Kids Grow Expo.

“I love my PHS family,” Mia says.  “I can’t say enough about what PHS has done for me. I value the connection as I would value a very dear friendship—that’s why I say ‘yes’ to everything!”

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