PHS Premieres YouTube Videos on Tree Care

If you’re reading this, chances are you love trees. You’ve probably heard about Saturday’s major Plant One Million tree-planting events; maybe you’re even participating. (Hey, thanks!)

If that’s the case, you’ll be as fascinated as I was by PHS’s new four-video series on basic tree care. The series covers watering, mulching, weeding and protecting, and pruning. Each video is packed with information about tree anatomy, best practices, and cool information about how trees “spruce up” the urban environment—all in five minutes or less. Check them out below; you definitely won’t regret it.

First up, watering:

Then mulching:

Then weeding, cleaning, and protecting:

And finally, pruning:

Great stuff!  For more information about Plant One Million, visit the website and “like” it on Facebook. Inspired by the videos and want to become a full-fledged Tree Tender? Visit this page to find out about upcoming trainings.

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