Strange Beauties: Suzette’s Pencil Tree

Inspired by the Strange Beauties succulent exhibit at PHS’s McLean Library, one of our readers submitted pictures of her pencil tree (Euphorbia tirucalli). The shrub grows in semi-arid tropical conditions and has a wide distribution in Africa.

What’s really interesting about it is its medicinal use. Even though its milky sap can cause temporary blindness if it comes in contact with eyes, it has been used as a treatment for warts and the medical community have pursued using it in treating cancers.

Thanks to Suzette T. for submitting her photos! Got your own strange beauty? Then post a photo on to our Facebook wall.

One thought on “Strange Beauties: Suzette’s Pencil Tree

  1. Thank you , PHS and Anna in particular for the recognition she kindly bestowed upon me and my 30 year old milk bush pencil tree.I find eternal joy from my starting tending and watch growing my “green ” babies grow up to be real winners. Exotics are just one of my specialties, as everyone can see I live in a concrete jungle with not an inch of a plot of dirt to dig in. So if I can do all this in containers think of what you can do the sky’s the limit. Thank you every one.

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