PHS President Wins Big

I am very pleased to announce that The Power Shift has selected PHS president Drew Becher as the recipient of its 2011 Arts & Culture Award. The Power Shift is an organization that helps to promote industry leadership, specifically within the 25-44 age group. The Power Shift also helps in professional development and provides networking opportunities.

Drew is one of six individuals to receive this distinction in 2011; other categories include education, business, and politics. The Arts & Culture Award is given to a person who has contributed to and opened new opportunities for the arts, expanded community involvement, and increased a cultural organization’s involvement in the city of Philadelphia. It’s safe to say that we at PHS heartily agree that Drew has fulfilled these requirements and more!

Drew will be presented with the award today, November 22. To read Drew’s bio and learn about the other winners, click here. Congratulations, Drew!