Enchanting Orchids: A New PHS Exhibit

Remember Strange Beauties, the succulent exhibit at the PHS McLean Library last year? Well, it was so popular we’re putting on another presentation!

Enchanting Orchids: A PHS Plant Exhibition will open on January 23 and run through February 10, 2012. Admission is free.

Are there any flowers more passionate and mysterious than orchids? Part of the world’s largest family of plants, orchids are can be found all over the planet, from steamy jungle habitats to cold mountainous regions. Hawaii in particular is known for its gorgeous orchids.

The Enchanting Orchids exhibition will present a wide array of plants, from easy-to-grow Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilums to exotic Oncidium and Cattleya varieties. These stunning plants, grown by Flower Show experts from the Pinelands Orchid Society, will warm up a cold winter’s day and give everyone fresh ideas for growing orchids at home. The exhibition will also get you in the mood for the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show Hawaii: Islands of Aloha. (By the way, you can purchase Flower Show tickets in the Library.)

One myth is that orchids are fussy and difficult to grow, but as you’ll learn at this exhibition, many are quite happy as houseplants and will re-bloom for years on end. During the run of Enchanting Orchids, PHS will offer lectures and workshops from orchid experts.

Click here for the complete schedule of events.

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