The Camden Children’s Garden Returns to Flower Show

The Camden Children’s Garden (CCG), located just over the Delaware River from Philadelphia and near the Camden Adventure Aquarium is a fun place for children of all ages to play and learn about plants, gardening, and the environment.

The garden is operated by the Camden City Garden Club (CCGC), an organization that is taking steps—through educational programs, community gardening, and activism—to improve access to fresh food in Camden. According to the USDA Food Desert Locator, Camden, NJ, was found as one of the Top 9 American Food Deserts. The Camden City Garden Club seeks to change this inequality in food access, and has tripled the amount of community gardens in Camden in the last three years.

Another mission of the CCGC is to get children excited about nutrition and horticulture though the in-school GrowLab Program. This program offers Camden’s children the experience of growing produce in their classroom’s mini-greenhouses, which is a lesson in both science and nutrition all in one!

It’s because of this vital, noble work that we at PHS are so pumped that the Camden Children’s Garden, in conjunction with the Camden City Garden Club, will bring its message to the Flower Show again this year.

The exhibit is shaping up to be beautiful, whimsical and interactive. The title: “A Child’s Tropical Adventure.” Their contribution celebrates this year’s Hawaii theme, while at the same time addressing pressing issues in our communities such as food sustainability and security.

Additionally, the Camden Children’s Garden staff, volunteers, youth employees, and students will build their exhibit using food gardening techniques utilized through the CCGC’s Community Gardening Program.

The exhibit features a crawl through tunnel made of natural materials such as willow branches for the kids, larger-than-life brightly colored ants made of recycled car parts, and plenty of tropical greenery with a focus on edible plant life such as fig trees, citrus trees, banana trees, vegetables, and herbs.

When you attend the Flower Show, visit this exhibit and ask the Garden staff to tell you more about the great work that CCG and CCGC are doing in Camden, and what you can do to improve food sustainability and security in your community.

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