Make a Tree Pledge at the Flower Show

Come see the Plant One Million exhibit at the Flower Show! In case you haven’t committed it to memory, the dates are March 4 – 11, 2012, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Plant One Million exhibit will be located in the Grand Hall Concourse, where you can add leaves to our special tree by pledging to plant a real one! You will have the chance to learn all about the Plant One Million mission, as well as to become a part of the initiative to restore our vital tree canopy in and around Philadelphia.

To help say thank you, we have partnered with Recyclebank, an organization that encourages you to live greener by awarding points when you do good deeds. You can then redeem these points for fantastic prizes! Check it out!

At the Plant One Million exhibit, there will be a Recyclebank kiosk where you can log your pledge and receive points. Just one more reason to plant a tree!

To purchase tickets to the Flower Show and learn more, click here!

One thought on “Make a Tree Pledge at the Flower Show

  1. Suzette Trimmer is donating her private stock of home grown native RED BUD Trees to the Marion Anderson Community along Fitzwater and Colorado Streets. Altogether she will be planting four, three year and five year old saplings for the neighbor hood to enjoy. She does so much in the local community and ask for nothing in return except to respect Mother Nature and do not litter. Mrs. Trimmer is seen planting beautiful perennials all over any bare ugly spot in the neighborhood. And is known for her incredible donation, of the United States largest privately owned 30 year old; Milk Bush Pencil Tree to the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park, for the world to enjoy for generations to come. Mrs. Green jeans herself, in our Philly back yard, we should all be grateful for her dedication and passion, in attempting to make this corner of the globe, a better world.

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