Summer Tips from the 6abc Weather Garden

On Friday, July 26, PHS president Drew Becher chatted with 6abc meteorologist Adam Joseph about strategies for keeping your garden looking great—or at least not terrible—during the sweltering summer. You can watch the segment and see the recently refurbished 6abc Weather Garden below.

Of course you can only say so much in a two-minute clip. Therefore, allow me to elaborate on Drew’s hanging-basket advice.

  • Hanging baskets can dry out quickly, especially in the brutal weather we’ve had of late. If your plants are wilting, take advantage of the baskets’ mobility and move them to a location with more moderate sun exposure.
  • Watering is the most important factor for keeping your hanging baskets going. The best time to water is early in the morning or later in the evening. Don’t water in the middle of the day when the sun is at its worst.
  • When you water, do so deeply. Allow time for the plant to absorb the water before you water again.
  • If the situation is bleak and you have nothing to lose, try cutting back the plant slightly. This may give your plant a second chance for success.
  • If yours is a lost cause, don’t discard the basket—try again with something new! Two plants that can handle the heat while looking great are salvia and lantana. Warm-season grasses require little maintenance and add texture to a combo basket.

Good luck! Remember, September will be here soon; meaning true gardening can resume!

One thought on “Summer Tips from the 6abc Weather Garden

  1. I do not know about others but , and no offense intend Adam Joesph but ACTUATE weather reporting is the first thing that could really help out gardeners.Especially those of us who make a living at this sort of thing. For most of this year any way you have been more off then on. And this alone causes horrible results, when you call for rain and there is non to be found. I would also like to add my disappointment in this segment for it mentions NOTHING about water conservation. I live in Center City and have no access to have or make or usage of a rain barrel!!!! However; I do put out as many water bins , anything from buckets to clean empty trash cans out all over my back yard property all 25 feet of it. To collect as much rain water a possible to carry me and my garden through the sweltering summer heat of an Urban Jungle. But thank you from bottom of my heart to giving gardeners recognition.

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