Philadelphia Region to be “Flower-Bombed” by PHS

Tired of sleet, snow, and ice making the region look uniformly gray? Well get ready for a big burst of color! In anticipation of the 185th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, PHS is going to bombard the city and beyond with flowers! Throughout February, keep an eye out for flower-bombs! We will adorn figures and statues in flowers, create pop up gardens, and craft moving art installations. Philly is about to become very, very “floral-ful”.

But the flower-bombs are more than beautiful, they are your opportunity to win free Flower Show tickets! Here’s how it works:

PHS will post a clue on the Twitter and Facebook pages for the Flower Show. If you can solve the riddle and determine the location of the next flower-bomb, your instructions are to…

  • Head over to the flower-bomb and take a picture
  • Upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #FlowerShow
  • Get entered to win two free tickets to the Flower Show

If you are selected you and a loved one (AKA partner in crime) can experience the sensation that is the Flower Show.

So be sure to follow the Flower Show across social media channels (especially Facebook and Twitter) and be on the look out for clues. Please note that you don’t have to be the first person to document the flower-bombing, all entries will be entered to win!

It’s that simple! And If all this talk of flower-bombs has awoken your creative side, consider flower-bombing something yourself, such as your home, store window, or office – send us a picture, and you’ll be entered to win as well!

Best of luck!

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Region to be “Flower-Bombed” by PHS

  1. What fun it was to create our window at NeverTooSpoiled in Old City. As big fans of the show for years we never thought we would have this opportunity. Stop and see our window at 108 n. 2nd street!

  2. I’d love to participate, but since I’m coming from Washington State for the PHS next month, I won’t be able to take any photos ahead of time! However, I can still “flower-bomb” my neighborhood here!

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