Jen’s Park Pick: Stand Up and Say “It’s My River!”

Surely you remember the opening of Race Street Pier and all the fanfare that surrounded it. You may, however, be less familiar with a very special project at the end of Washington Avenue, connecting with the bike trail that runs along the river and Columbus Boulevard. Designed in part by Biohabitats and artist Stacy Levy, the Washington Avenue Green ‘eco-park’ features dendritic decay gardens and a rubble meadow.

The Friends of Washington Avenue Green have held several successful events this summer, hosting a bike clinic in the park and arranging two Northwind Sail tours to connect residents to the river.

This Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon, they will host “It’s My River” eco-fest. The Friends group, staff from Wissahickon Environmental Center, and PHS will offer a variety of fun activities and games for children. There will also be a sculpture contest, prizes, and (without giving too much away) unique photo opportunities.

You can find Washington Avenue Green directly at the end of Washington Avenue. The trail is between the Sheetmetal Workers Union and the Coast Guard station. Thanks, as always, to the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation for supporting riverside recreation.

Jen’s Park Pick: The British Are Coming!

In 1683, William Penn entered into a treaty of peace with a chief of the Lenape Turtle Clan at what is now known as Penn Treaty Park.

328 years later, the British arrive at Penn Treaty again..

this time they have guitars…

Join us for the British Invasion music tribute this Friday, August 19, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. Never been to Penn Treaty Park, you say? You’ve been missing out. Penn Treaty, located at Delaware Avenue and Beach Street, is one of the only parks in the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation system where you can reach down and touch the water.  It also has one of the best view of the city; you can see the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Penn’s Landing, and the city skyline—all with the mighty Delaware River before you.

The Friends of Penn Treaty work tirelessly to keep the park clean and to bring fantastic programming to the community. They also make an effort to preserve the important history of the park.  For instance, legend has it that the signing of the treaty between William Penn and the Lenape tribe occurred under a might elm tree. Just last year, on May 6, 2010, a descendant from the original “treaty tree” was planted again.

If you can’t make the groovy British rock show on August 19, join the friends for Champagne in the Park on September 9.  This is their big fundraiser and it is always a lovely event not to be missed.

Want even more park fun? Click here for an extensive listing.

Race Street Pier Debuts Today!

Today is a big deal! We’ve been blogging about it for months, and now it’s here! The Race Street Pier will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2 pm today. This is your chance to see the nearly-ready park (located at Race St. and Delaware Ave.) for yourself.

From the beginning, Race Street Pier was designed to be your park. PHS, the Delaware River Waterfront Corp., and their partners met with local residents and other stakeholders to determine what the public wanted for this green space.

Don’t miss this historic ceremony, and be sure to visit the Pier throughout the spring and summer. For fun details, click here for a article.

Race Street Pier is Almost Ready!

The Race Street Pier is racing to be ready by opening day, May 12.  This waterfront destination will feature an upper-level promenade and a lower-level green terrace featuring plenty of trees and lawn to relax, exercise, and meet with friends. We can’t wait to see it!

Earlier this week, 75 special guests in hardhats were invited on a tour of the in-progress park. Check out the PHS Facebook page for photos—be sure to hit the “like” button to stay in the loop.

A big thanks to Edward Savaria for this great photo.