Lost No More! Elusive Tree Species Tracked Down

You may remember that Casey’s Tree of the Month for June was the Kentucky coffeetree. You may also remember the resulting scandal, when Casey realized that the coffeetree was nowhere to be found on PhillyTreeMap. He challenged all Philadelphians to track down and tag this elusive tree, and many of you answered the call!

The first shout-out goes to Cora O., who snuffed out quite a few. She wrote in to say, “There are some Kentucky coffeetrees in West Philadelphia that I know of. One on Penn’s campus in front of the library, and one on the east side of College Hall Green. There are others at in the Ralston West Garden, too. This was fun!”

Glad you think so, Cora. A PHS Tree Tenders t-shirt is on its way to your door!

We also heard from Gayl H., who proudly identified herself as a Tree Tenders graduate. Gayl said: “We have at least one, maybe more, Kentucky coffeetree on our property in East Falls, Philadelphia. It’s hard to miss the seed pods!” Gayl also submitted the photos in this post.

Good sleuthing, everyone! And be sure to include your trees on PhillyTreeMap.



Find That Tree!

My most recent Tree of the Month posting was about the Kentucky coffeetree, and I received a comment from someone who thought she spotted a few in West Philly. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use our newest amazing tool, the PhillyTreeMap.

Previously described in this post, the PhillyTreeMap is an amazing, easy-to-use web application that will assist communities with the inventory and maintenance of urban forests. But, as it turns out, not one Kentucky coffeetree is listed on the PhillyTreeMap!

The gauntlet has been laid down. Whoever is the first to find a Kentucky coffeetree and correctly enter it into the PhillyTreeMap will be immortalized on the PHS blog and will also receive a free Tree Tenders shirt. Are you up for the challenge? Send an email to editpgnews@pennhort.org if you are the super sleuth who tracks down the coffeetree.

Connect With Your Local Trees: PhillyTreeMap

Arbor Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than by launching a new, easy-to-use web application that will assist communities with the inventory and maintenance of urban forests? PhillyTreeMap is a web-based map database of trees in the greater Philadelphia region that will allow non-profits, government, volunteer organizations, and the general public to collaboratively add and update information about trees in their area.

Azavea, a geospatial analysis (GIS) software development company, built PhillyTreeMap using open source code contributed by the Urban Forest Map project in San Francisco.  With a free registration, users can add and edit information to the current database of 175,000 trees. Calculated using iTree, an urban forestry analysis and benefits assessment software, these ecological impact numbers provide a clear illustration of the environmental and economic impacts that trees have on Philadelphia neighborhoods. Funding for PhillyTreeMap comes from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

PhillyTreeMap is a timely addition to the recently launched Plant One Million campaign, an ambitious multi-state plan by PHS and its partners to increase the number of trees in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. With an accurate and up to date tree inventory, we can work more efficiently toward maintaining our urban forest, promoting green communities, and connecting people to their local trees.

Join us at the official unveiling of PhillyTreeMap on Arbor Day, Friday April 29 at 12:00 noon at the offices of WHYY, 150 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia.