This Holiday Season, Don’t Re-Gift…TREE-Gift!

At a loss for what gifts to give your friends and family? Passionate about trees? Want to support Plant One Million?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, check out the new Gift of a Tree program, which allows you to support the noble goal of planting one million trees and delight your loved ones with a thoughtful, customizable gift.

Click here to find out more. While we can’t promise that your tree gift will go toward a specific tree, you can be sure it will go straight to Plant One Million, and you can even specify the geographical direction of your tree gift: whether you want it to go toward New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Philadelphia. Plus, you’ll be able to send a commemorative, customizable card to the object of your affection. Choose from three designs!

Your gift of a tree this season will go a long way toward ensuring an evergreen future for everyone—so don’t re-gift, TREE-gift!