May Gardening Events & Family Fun

Are you a bird lover? From warblers to chickens to hawks, the wide world of birds is much-discussed in this month’s compilation of gardening and greening events in the Philadelphia region. You can even tour the home of bird-enthusiast John James Audubon on a trip sponsored by the Morris Arboretum.

Click here to learn about these (and other, more traditional) gardening and greening events.

If your mission is to spend time outdoors with the young people in your life, we’ve got a list for that too. There are even night-time events at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Tyler Arboretum, and the Delaware Center for Horticulture—so embrace your nocturnal tendencies!

Click here for the list of kids and family events.

Topiary Sailboats, Walking on Water and More

Flower Show Chair Melinda Moritz, PHS President Drew Becher and PHS Senior Vice President of Business Development Kate Wilhelm

We had a great time last night catching up with major landscape and floral designers  for the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show, “Springtime in Paris,” at Tyler Arboretum in Delware County.

We heard tid bits about plans for major exhibits including a little Parisian opera, topiary sailboats, “walking on water” and more.

Drew Becher with Celebrations Design Group's Tom Covello and Dan Krall. Celebrations Design Group will be exhibiting for its third year.


Exhibitors Tom Morris from J. Downend Landscaping, Peter Irwin from Irwin Landscaping and PHS Shows Operations Manager Bob Felke. Both J. Downdend and Irwin will be bringing their best to the Show in 2011.


Tyler Arboretum's Robert Herald, Betsey Ney and Regina Barella


Longtime Flower Show participant Jane Pollock, PHS's Betty Greene and Pat Musolf, and Suzanne Ries